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by NaBUrean Prodooktionz

Nitropteron is not your typical racing videogame.
Racetracks have turns in any direction.
And your ship actually flies in the air!​

Turn left/right, pitch up/down, and roll sideways.
Throttle, brakes, and nitro.
You will need all of them to win!

Fly fast to the finish line!
Crash your rivals, or get crushed!

Split screen and online multiplayer
at the same time.
Four players per computer!

To fill the nitro bar, touch the nitro points with your ship.

The further back you are from the leader,
the more boost time you earn.
Your nitro level also increases accordingly.

But if your nitro is activated, you get extra nitro
only if the nitro bar is about to get depleted. When you reach level 3,
the nitro gets activated automatically.

The nitro also activates an energy shield.

If you crash into another ship,
and your activated nitro has a higher level,
then your rival gets crushed!
And you also get extra nitro.

Of course, your rivals can crush you too!
The radar HUD shows if any ships close to you
have activated nitro at a higher level than you.